Kate Barry

BA Law with Politics (2001)

Solicitor, Eversheds LLP 


My name’s Kate Barry, I studied Law with Politics at Birmingham and qualified as a lawyer in 2004 and still am practising as a lawyer in the wonderful world of property litigation.

Mainly location actually. I was based in Birmingham, I wasn't going to be moving away from Birmingham, so I looked at the local universities and Birmingham was the one that came out on top.

Probably the course actually. I really loved the politics side, I really loved the course, I’m quite a geek so it suited me and I got to debate and argue all day about random political concepts which I think just reinforces the geek. But no, I really enjoyed it, that was definitely the highlight I think.

Just do it. Come and study something. Come and study something you enjoy. Come and study something you want to learn about. Ignore what everyone says about what degree is appropriate and what works with what or to do law because you want to be a lawyer. Ignore it all, do something you’re really interested in and enjoy your time here because it’s precious and it’s a privilege.

Just remember how much you’ve been given and how much you know and remember how difficult it was at the beginning for you to understand all those weird concepts and the theories and political views and ideas and how you’ve managed to translate them and how that will help you in being a voice and an advocate for other people because it’s invaluable having people who can speak for other people because not everyone can do that."