Adrian Bradley

BA Political Science (2003)

Media and Public Affairs Manager, Catalyst housing 


I’m Adrian Bradley, I studied Political Science at Birmingham University and I now work in Media & Public Affairs for a housing association. I actually applied on my gap year because I, my marks actually got re-marked whilst I was on my gap year so I then pulled out of UCAS and re-applied and Birmingham was where I really wanted to go because I’d kind of fell in love with – actually I fell in love with the campus and it was very green and so when it came to re-applying I had my grades already and it was just Birmingham I applied for.

I got involved with so much here that I had a great time, which is how I got into the career that I do now so I got involved with a lot of student politics, I got involved with the Guild and NUS. I also ran the student radio station in a year and did all of these kind of things that have been absolutely invaluable that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else and yeah, I had a great time.

My main piece of advice is make the most of your time.  What you get out of being at university, the degree is the hygiene factor that will make sure your application is read but no more than that.  What you get out of the university is all these experiences that you can have while you’re here and the CV you can build and you’ve got three years and particularly in your first and second year, make the most of that time. Volunteer for things, get on committees, get on societies, do the student radio, do the student TV, do the newspaper, because you’ll never get these chances again and they will be, you will absolutely regret not having done them."