Sean Finch

BA International Relations with Political Science (2012)

Sean FinchLeadership Development Programme, Teach First

I graduated in 2012 and have had a year between graduating and starting the Teach First graduate scheme which I will begin in June 2013. During this year I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant at a local secondary school to gain experience in a teaching environment. Following this I will be travelling around South East Asia before starting the Leadership Development Programme late June. Throughout the year I have had on-going contact and support from Teach First, including completing a reflective research project required as part of the graduate scheme.

Belonging to a campus university really reflected on what it meant to be a student at Birmingham. Living on the Vale, the main student accommodation park in my first year and then moving  to Selly Oak, the desired location after first year, meant I always felt as though I was part of the University community and was never too far from my friends. Similarly, Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) reflected this inclusiveness, affording the opportunity to get to know lecturers, aiding your studies.

The University of Birmingham provided exactly what I wanted from my university experience: a campus university in a big city. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, in and outside of university, and you get to enjoy some really great nights out with hundreds of other students. Education wise, you really felt you were studying at an institution which is world leading in several areas, including POLSIS, and having access to leading academics made studying even more rewarding. The grandeur of the campus sets up some pretty big expectations and I can honestly say my time at University exceeded these."

I would advise those looking to study in POLSIS to make the most of the broadness of the subject as it gives you so many options and avenues to pursue your interests. Make the most of the specialisms of staff members and don’t be apprehensive about asking them for help. The department is really supportive and can help you achieve your degree goal.

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#AskAnAlum - What's it like to study at Birmingham?

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