Online Conference: Critical Reflections on the Researcher-Practitioner Relationship

Wednesday 19th September 2012 (00:00)
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ONLINE CONFERENCE 19-21 Sept. 2012

'Knowledge transfer', 'impact', 'research users', 'stakeholders'-all now familiar terms in academia. Yet the premise that there is a clear distinction between those who 'know' (researchers/academics) and those who draw upon or utilise 'knowledge', is open to contestation. Who possesses knowledge? What does it mean to 'transfer' knowledge? How should the relationship between academics, practitioners and civil society constituents be conceived and realised?

This online conference brings together researchers in a domain where ‘knowledge exchanges’ flourish: gender and global governance. Participants will critically reflect on how they conceive of and practice ‘knowledge exchange’ in their work.

Conference flyer: The Gender in Global Governance Net-Work Conference (PDF 188KB)

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