POLSIS Alumni event - 'Dinner with a Dozen'

Polsis Alumni, staff and current students met for dinner in February at the University to discuss the transition from student life to work, as part of an initiative from the Alumni Office to draw on the experience of Birmingham Alumni for the benefit of current students.

The idea, imported from America, is to draw on the Alumni community for more than simply fund raising and to employ their experience in a variety of ways to help current students in their transition towards the world of work. One Polsis Alumni, Mark Titterington who is now Director of European Public Affairs for the Agribusiness Syngenta, flew in from Brussels especially for the event. Other similar events may be planned in the future


From left to right in the photograph the dinner participants were

  • Staff: Jade Bressington - Alumni Relations Manager, College of Social Sciences
  • Student: Michael Abu-Zalaf - BA International Studies with Political Science
  • Staff: Claire O'Sullivan's, Deputy Head of Alumni Relations.
  • Alumni: Barbara Morazzani, MA International Studies (Diplomacy) 2006 (she is also a current PhD Student in POLSIS)
  • Student: Benjamin Jackson - MA International Studies (general)
  • Alumni: Sioban Mulherin - MA International Studies (Diplomacy), 2001
  • Staff: Dr. David Dunn - Reader in International Politics, POLSIS
  • Alumni: Dr Matthew Watson - PhD Political Science, 2000
  • Student: Jessica Barrett - MA International Studies (Diplomacy)
  • Student: Jeroen Sibia - BSc Economics / Political Science
  • Student: Sissi Penttilä - BA International Relations
  • Alumni: Mark Titterington - BSocSc Political Science, 1996
  • Staff: Dr Edward Newman - Senior Lecturer in International Relations, POLSIS

The main event report can be found at: www.alumni.bham.ac.uk/events