POLSIS alumni set up charity in India

Procedo Foundation was founded in 2009 by Nick Jackson, Richard Adams and Alessandro Capozzi; three friends studying International Relations at the University of Birmingham, who share an enthusiastic interest in supporting development and cultural understanding. 


During the summer of 2009 three International Relations students, Alessandro Capozzi, Nick Jackson and Richard Adams, took the plunge and travelled to India for two months; originally on an AIDS awareness internship. With the opportunity of working with various NGOs in Gujarat and building on the knowledge gained from their studies at Birmingham; the three developed ambitions of starting their very own Non Governmental Organisation.

When introduced to a remote village badly in need of medical supplies, new educational facilities and most of all basic sanitation; the trio developed a project plan to alleviate the poverty in these areas. By joining forces with a partner NGO who provides contacts and expertise on the ground, Alessandro, Nik and Richard are now focused on fund raising and the pursuit of registered charity status in the UK.

Over a year on, the three alumni have raised over £6000; approximately half of the funds required for the sanitation phase of the project (a transformation of their fetid open-air drainage). They have won the University’s annual business competition, have featured in Redbrick and a South London newspaper and even have their own website Procedo Foundation.

alumni-charity-school      alumni-charity-village

The pressures of third year and subsequent full time work have not stopped them, and the Procedo Foundation is still pursuing funds and contacts through the University to help bring hundreds of people out of poverty in one single project.