POLSIS academic argues for 'real' green energy

Experts warn that Government proposals on electricity market reform will benefit nuclear power at the expense of the renewable energy programme.

Dr David Toke Senior Lecturer in Energy Policy leads a policy debate in The Guardian newspaper on Government proposals on funding of renewable energy. He attacks the Government for proposals which will see subsidies for nuclear power replace support for renewable energy. Renewable energy will be afforded an inferior incentive mechanism compared to what exists at present.

A call is made for a system of 'real' feed-in tariffs as practiced in countries like Germany to be employed to support renewable energy as opposed to the Government proposals for an 'auction' system of awarding contracts to renewable energy (in direct or indirect competition with proposals for nuclear power stations).

Dr Toke also responded to the ensuing debate arguing that renewable energy is better placed to serve national needs for reliable energy supplies compared to nuclear power.

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