Conference on Sport kick-starts 'sport policy exchange'

Jonathan Grix of POLSIS convened a successful conference on sport in times of austerity. The outcome is not more academic treatises, but policy-aimed research.

Last week Jonathan Grix, Chair of the PSA Specialist Group on Sport and Politics,  convened – with the help of Lelsey Phillpots in Education – a conference entitled 'Sport under pressure: the sustainability of sport in times of austerity'. Despite an excellent turnout (50 delegates), insightful papers and 3 members of the REF Sports Studies panel turning up, Grix has decided to forego the usual post-conference ‘Special Issue’ in favour of setting up a ‘Sport Policy Exchange’ together with the new department of Sport Pedagogy (formally launched in May, 2011). This decision came out of discussions at this and last year’s sport conference at Birmingham in which practitioners bemoaned the disjuncture between what they do at the coal face and what academics study.

The 'Sport Policy Exchange' will effectively be a hub through which research findings will be distributed and practitioners can register their needs. Evaluations of policy interventions in the field of sport will be carried out by academics here in the College of Social Sciences.

For more information please visit the School of Education