Social Theory and Migration

Dr Justin Cruickshank to present to International Migration Institute, University of Oxford and British Sociological Association.

Social theorist Justin Cruickshank is one of three invited speakers who will be giving a paper at the forthcoming workshop at the International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford on 28 April 2011. The workshop is entitled: 'Social Theory and Migration: Dialogues on Critical Realism and Migration Research'. Justin Cruickshank's paper ‘The Positive And The Negative: Assessing Critical Realism And Social Constructionism As Post-Positivist Approaches To Empirical Research’ will criticise both critical realist and social constructionist approaches to argue for a problem-solving alternative influenced by the philosophies of Popper and Dewey. 

Justin Cruickshank will also be presenting a paper at this year’s British Sociological Association conference at the London School of Economics on 06 April in the ‘Theory Stream’. This paper, entitled 'Instrumentalism And Instrumental Rationality: Reconsidering Dewey’s Approach To Ethics And Criticism', will defend Dewey’s pragmatism from Horkheimer’s critique which held that pragmatism was a form of instrumental rationality.

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