POLSIS academic appears on US foreign policy panels and roundtable at ISA 2011

Dr Adam Quinn of POLSIS organised a panel, delivered a paper and participated in a roundtable, all on US foreign policy, at the International Studies Association annual conference in Montreal.

Dr Adam Quinn, Lecturer in International Studies at the POLSIS Department, attended the International Studies Association annual conference in Montreal, March 16-20. He delivered a paper entitled ‘The Art of Declining Politely: Obama, his critics, and the reality of America’s shrinking global power’, on a panel of his own organisation, ‘Prosecuting Foreign Policy in an Age of Limits: Assessing Obama at Mid-Term’. He also participated in a roundtable under the title ‘Assessing President Obama’s Impact on US Foreign and Security Policy at Mid-Term’. In addition, he chaired a panel on ‘UK Security Policy in an Age of Austerity, organised by his colleague Dr David Dunn.

The roundtable event attracted an audience of more than 50 attendees. Both panels were organised as joint enterprises between the ISA and its UK counterpart, the British International Studies Association (BISA). Dr Quinn is a member of BISA’s executive committee, and convenor of its US Foreign Policy working group