POLSIS expert alleges green con by Government

POLSIS expert David Toke alleges Government green energy strategy is a cover for funding nuclear power.

Writing in a leading renewable energy trade publication ‘Renewable Energy Focus’, David Toke makes a downbeat expert assessment of the prospects for renewable energy under the Government’s ‘Electricity Market Reform’ consultation proposals. Toke argues that the Government is pulling off a political conjuring trick of diverting subsidies from renewable energy to pay for new nuclear power stations while few people notice. He says this is being done by introducing a subsidy system of baffling complexity that gives the impression that the subsidies are bound for ‘green energy’ sources, although in reality the bulk of the money will go to build new nuclear power stations. Contrary to what has been said, there is a danger of a surfeit of new power stations, and the Government will solve this problem through its apparent intention to cancel the bulk of current plans for windfarms.

The article is on pages 24 and 25 of 'Renewable Energy Focus'.