POLSIS professor's recent book is translated into Chinese

POLSIS professor Ronen Palan’s recent book is translated into Chinese.

Cornell University Press have signed with Phoenix-Power Cultural Co. Ltd. of Beijing for Chinese language (simplified characters) translation rights to Ronen Palan’s co-authored book, Tax Havens: How Globalization Really works (Ithaca:2010). Phoenix-Power will to publish its first edition by September 2012 and estimates a first printing of 8000 paperbacks copies. The translations of the book into Chinese simplified characters followed a translations published this year of a Chinese Translation (traditional/complex characters), 逃稅天堂?Trans. Fang Ling. Taipei: China Times Press, with print run of 5000. The book was published also in Korean with a print run of 3000 copies, and was republished by Publishers for the India and Saarc countries markets this year as well. The book has clearly established itself as an international reference in the study of tax havens.