Environmental politics

The Environmental Politics Research Group established in 2010 is aimed at enhancing collaborative work among colleagues in the School of Government and Society working on environmental politics and policy, as well as disseminating research in this field outside the university.

The group will hold regular meetings between members for the exchange of ideas and constructive feedback on work in progress, as well as organise outside speakers and workshops / seminars on topics of interest.

A first project of the Environmental Politics group was an exploration of the relationship between energy security and climate policy within and between states, focusing particularly on the articulation of interests in domestic policy and the resulting impacts on the formulation of climate policies. Following a workshop organised in November 2010 by the research group a Special Issue on Energy Security and Climate Change was published in Environmental Politics in 2013 (Vol. 22, Issue 4).

The group also recently organised a lecture on Understanding Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Change by Dr. Martin Widmann from the School of Geography on 27 November 2013.

Research interests of current members include: 

  • Energy Policy 
  • The Global Politics of Climate Change 
  • International Environmental Governance and Institutions 
  • Effectiveness of Environmental Institutions and Policies 
  • Climate Change Negotiations 
  • Energy and climate policy in the United States 
  • Energy security in the US and China 
  • Conceptions and meaning of energy security 
  • Tensions between energy and climate security 
  • Environmental/climate security and politics 
  • Social and cultural implications of environmental policies and politics 
  • The governance of low carbon technology development


Academic staff

Emma Foster, Lecturer in International Politics and Gender

Fiona Nunan, Lecturer in Environment and Development

Sevasti-Eleni Vezirgiannidou, Lecturer in International Organisations

Marco Vieira, Lecturer in International Relations

Doctoral researchers

Maximilian Lempriere
The Local Politics of Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy Targets in New Buildings

Jonna Nyman
Energy and Security: Discourse and Practice in the United States and China

Gareth Thomas
The governance of low carbon technology development: discourses, articulations and strategies of the hydrogen energy community

For further information about the research group contact:
Sevasti-Eleni Vezirgiannidou: Tel: +44 (0)121 414 6224, Email: s.vezirgiannidou@bham.ac.uk