Research groups

Research groups have their own research budgets and each one carries out a series of collaborative research activities such as conferences and workshop organisation, joint publications, journal editing, invitation of outside speakers and seed-corn funding to develop applications for external research funding.

In addition to the research groups, and in recognition of the growing proportion of our research activity that cross-cuts sub-disciplinary specialisms we created several thematic research clusters. These are typically more flexible and more short-lived than research groups and involve researchers from more than one group.

Asian politics
The Asia Research Group comprises researchers from Asia and Europe, working on a range of approaches to the study of the comparative and international politics of the Asia-Pacific Region.

British Politics
The British Politics Research group is an interdisciplinary group which aims to bring together staff and students from across the College of Social Sciences who have research interests broadly in the area of British government, economy and society. 

Diplomacy and Negotiation
The Group seeks to further develop research into Diplomatic Studies in the Department.

Environmental Politics
The Environmental Politics Research Group established in 2010 is aimed at enhancing collaborative work among colleagues in the department working on environmental politics and policy

European Studies
The European Studies Research Group exists to facilitate discussion and collaboration between researchers focusing on the institutions and policies of the European Union, one or several European countries, and/or the European region and identity.

Gender and Feminist Theory
The research group encompasses staff members, doctoral researchers, and post-doctoral researchers who work on areas which fall broadly under the headings gender studies and feminist theoretical analysis/readings of politics/international politics and sociology.

International Political Economy
The creation of a dedicated International Political Economy Research Group acknowledges the burgeoning international reputation that the Department is developing for being a leading centre for critical studies in the area.

International Relations Theory
The International Relations Theory Group brings together research students and staff members include: Jill Steans (Gender/ IR, IPE); Laura Shepherd (Gender/ IR, Security); Ted Newman (UN, Peacekeeping / intervention) and Cerwyn Moore (IR / Security / Terrorism).

Political Sociology
The Political Sociology Research Group acts as a fulcrum for those members of POLSIS who wish to interrogate the intersections of state and society and the power relations involved.

Political Theory
The political theory research group is the departmental forum for the development and co-ordination of research activities in the area of political theory broadly conceived. 

Security Studies
The Security Studies research group seeks to build on and contribute to the Department’s significant research strengths in the area of security, broadly conceived. 

Social and Political Theory
The Social and Political Theory research group brings together social theorists from the Sociology Group, political theorists and political sociologists.