International Political Economy

The Department of Political Science and International Studies hosts a large and vibrant International Political Economy research community.

Launched in 2002, the International Political Economy Research Group holds a series of regular events each term, including: guest seminars by leading scholars in the field; roundtable discussions on contemporary developments in the world economy; research workshops and policy engagement forums; as well as major conferences. In addition to academic staff, our large community of doctoral researchers and graduate students play a major role in International Political Economy Research Group events.

Recent events:

Global Economic Crisis: Which economy and what crisis, an exploration of alternative frameworks (02 April 2014) This workshop was set up with the aim of facilitating discussion across different critical approaches to political economy, to develop and clarify the conceptual assumptions that alternative positions have and hence to sharpen our understanding of similarities and substantive differences. The aim was to initiate a research project that moved beyond the current situation of ‘parallel conversations’ and begins a more systematic understanding and synthesis of political economic approaches to the global financial crisis.


David Bailey
The state and capital, centre-left parties, and European integration

Stephen Bates
Political analysis and the philosophy of the social sciences

Professor Peter Burnham
British politics, radical IPE, state theory

Huw Macartney
IPE, Banking and financial governance, Historical materialism

Nicki Smith
Small states, economic globalisation and economic performance, and the political economy of sex

Jill Steans
International relation theory, gender in International Relations / International Political Economy

Colin Thain
Politics of economic policymaking, budgetary politics, central banking

Sevasti-Eleni Vezirgiannidou
International environmental politics, environment and trade negotiations, environmental regimes

PhD research students

Edward Chan
Integration theory, political economy of China and Taiwan

Idorenyin Etokakpan
Commercial diplomacy, United Kingdom, Canada

Christian Hernandez
Political Economy

Jiesheng Li
Trying to get their way in development: Countries as World Bank shareholders and bilateral aid donors

Barbara Schaller
Towards a heterodox economic theory of poverty production – An analysis of evolutionary institutionalist and post-Keynesian thought

Saori Shibata
Japan's economic and political restructuring and unprotected workers

Shaf Zafeer
Internal conflict and political economy, foreign direct investment, economic growth 

For further information about the research group contact: 
Huw Macartney, Email