International relations theory

The International Relations Theory Group brings together Research students and staff. Members include: Jill Steans (Gender/ IR, IPE); Ted Newman (UN, Peacekeeping / intervention) and Ces Moore (IR / Security / Terrorism).

Recent Activities:

The International Relations (IR) Theory Research Group was created with the arrival of Thomas Diez and Jill Steans in the Department in 2000. The appointment of new staff allowed for the redevelopment of two core IR modules in the POLSIS undergraduate programme and the development of a new graduate module in contemporary debates IR theory. A new MA programme in IR Theory was launched in 2003/4 and a further MA on Representing World Politics is currently in the planning stages.

Since 2000, the research group has undertaken a number of important research initiatives. The first of these was a Workshop on the changing nature of borders held in 2003. The research group subsequently organised a Workshop on ‘Habermas and International Relations’ which attracted a number of international scholars in the field. The Workshop initiative culminated in the publication of a special section in Britain’s premier IR journal the Review of International Studies in January 2005. POLSIS is committed to the full integration and participation of graduate students into research group activity. This is evidenced by the Group’s most recent project on ‘Hegemony Today.’ This project, lead by our graduate students, resulted in a panel on the same theme at the British International Studies Association’s annual conference, held in Cork in December 2006. This academic year (2007/8) the Group's activities include presentations on ‘The Aesthetic  Turn in IR.’


Jill Steans

Cerwyn Moore

PhD Doctoral research students:

Laurence Cooley
The European Union and conflict management: Explaining the popularity of consociational power-sharing

Barbra Morazzani
Constructing Authority: Does International Law Regulate the Foreign Policy Behaviour of States in Decisions to Use Force in Humanitarian Intervention back to research.

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