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The research strategy of the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) concentrates upon the development of a vibrant and sustainable research culture, the publication of high-quality research, the targeting of external funding for our research and the development of a funded doctoral programme.

The Department has established itself as a centre of excellence in political science, political economy, sociology, comparative politics, political theory, international studies (e.g. European, Eurasian and Asian politics), international relations theory and security and conflict. Our approach to research is inclusive and we welcome colleagues from across the university to join our research groups.

Research in the Department is concentrated around the various research groups and research clusters:

Asian Politics
British Politics
Diplomacy and Negotiation
Environmental Politics
European Studies
Gender and Feminist Theory
International Political Economy
International Relations Theory
Parties, Voters and Elections
Political Sociology
Political Theory
Security Studies
Social and Political Theory

Research projects

Select Committee Data Archive Project, 1979-Present (Mar 2015 - Sept 2016)

Select Committee Data Archive Project, 1979-Present (Mar 2015 - Sept 2016)
The project will utilise quantitative methods to create and analyse a comprehensive dataset covering the membership, activities and outputs of Select Committees of the House of Commons from 1979 (the date of previous major reform) to the present in order to permit an evidence-based evaluation of the Wright reforms, as well as providing a valuable resource for understanding this vital venue for executive-legislative interaction and for parliamentary involvement in the development and scrutiny of policy.

(Not) Made in Germany? Imagining Germany from the Outside (Jan 2015 - Dec 2016)

(Not) Made in Germany? Imagining Germany from the Outside (Jan 2015 - Dec 2016)
Through this project the IGS Birmingham will consolidate and expand its role as a primary hub for the support and inspiration of German Studies in the United Kingdom, as well as its reputation as a leading global research centre. The network will bring staff and postgraduate students from German universities and the worldwide DAAD German Studies Centres to the IGS in a series of five research visits focused around the core themes of the project.

Security-Democracy Nexus in the Caucasus (CASCADE) (2014-2016)

Security-Democracy Nexus in the Caucasus (CASCADE) (2014-2016)
The CASCADE project will: 1.scrutinise Caucasian states and societies for the root causes of conflict and insecurity, 2.conduct synergetic research on democracy and security in the Caucasus, 3.analyse the links between the region and its wider neighbourhood, 4.provide forward-looking analysis on regional security and democratisation processes, and 5.develop a set of proposals on how the EU could enhance its role in the region.

Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures (2013-2015)

Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures (2013-2015)
This interdisciplinary project aims to map Russia's governance-related influences in the post-Soviet states in the 'common neighbourhood' with the EU.

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Please direct any queries about the research conducted in the department to the Director of Research: Professor Peter Burnham, Telephone +44 (0)121 414 8225, Email

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