British Politics Journal

Editors: Colin Hay, Peter Kerr, Steven Kettell, David Marsh.

British Politics is a relatively young Palgrave journal, now entering its fifth year of publication. The journal is the only existing forum which is explicitly and exclusively dedicated to highlighting research on all aspects of British politics. The journal was set up as a counterweight to the growing fragmentation of the discipline over recent years and, in this respect, seeks to bring together research (theoretical, empirical, historical and contemporary) from a multi-disciplinary field. As such, the journal aims to incorporate a range of sub-fields, including psephology, policy analysis, regional studies, comparative politics, institutional analysis, political theory, political economy, historical analysis, cultural studies and social policy.

Although housed in POLSIS, the journal is co-edited by Dr Peter Kerr (University of Birmingham) and Dr Steven Kettell (University of Warwick). Its wider editorial board consists of a strong field of internationally recognised British Politics specialists.

Some of the features of the journal include:

  • A ‘Forward Thinking’ section which aims to highlight the latest research from graduate students within the discipline
  • A ‘Beyond the Mainstream’ section which aims to promote research from outside the conventional boundaries of the discipline
  • Regular specially commissioned pieces on issues and debates of contemporary significance
  • An annual ‘Best Article’ prize, the winner of which is offered free to download from the journal website

The editors have recently finalised a ‘special issue’ of the journal entitled Britain in Crisis which features six articles on different dimensions of Britain’s political and economic crisis from a number of top scholars in the field including Andrew Gamble, David Coates, Colin Thain, Ivor Gabor, Michael Foley, Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher. Forthcoming features include a piece from Peter Hall on the contribution of Samuel Beer to the study of British politics and ‘Beyond the Mainstream’ pieces on the politics of sport in the UK and the regulation of drugs and youth culture in Britain.

Current issue: table of contents available at Palgrave Macmillan

Further details of the aims and scope of the journal can be found at: