Civil Wars Journal

Editor-in-Chief:  Edward Newman (

Associate Editors: Karl Cordell,  Asaf Siniver, Stefan Wolff

Editorial assistant: Slawomir Raszewski


Civil Wars publishes original scholarship on all aspects of intrastate conflict, including its causes and nature, and the factors which help to explain its onset, duration, intensity, termination and recurrence.

It also publishes work which explores the epistemology of scholarship on intrastate conflict and contributes to debates about the politics, sociology and economics of civil wars, and the significance of intrastate conflict for international relations.

The journal has a broad intellectual remit designed to be multidisciplinary and open to a range of different academic methodologies and interests. It welcomes work on specific armed conflicts and micro-analysis, on broad patterns of civil wars, and on historical perspectives as well as contemporary challenges. It also seeks to explore the policy implications of conflict analysis, especially as it relates to international security, conflict prevention and resolution, intervention and peacebuilding.

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