European Journal of Political Theory

Editors:  Richard North, Steve Buckler

Review Editor:  Richard Shorten


The European Journal of Political Theory (published by SAGE, London) was founded in 2002 in the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham and has been edited in the department ever since. It is currently edited by Richard North, Steve Buckler and Richard Shorten. It provides a high profile, internationally renowned research forum for political theory. It is best known for publishing peer reviewed articles on debates emerging from the development of national traditions of European scholarship, but it remains broad in scope and is committed to publishing articles in all areas of political thought, including normative political philosophy, contemporary political theory, and the history of political thought and ideas.

The journal is published four times a year. Each issue includes scholarly articles that make important contributions to recent debates in political theory and thought, and extended review articles which discuss important recent publications and provide essential overviews of the state of the discipline. The EJPT also publishes special issues from time to time, including most recently an issue on multiculturalism and recognition. There will be future special issues on the subjects of ‘Republicanism and Global Justice’ and ‘Political Realism’.

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