Dr Derek Averre

Dr Derek Averre

Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies
Senior Lecturer in Russian Foreign and Security Policy

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Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies
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PhD (Manchester)

BA Hons Russian Studies (Manchester)


Derek Averre has been a member of CREES since 1991, first as a Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow working on an ongoing UK Government-funded project on arms control and economic transition and latterly as Senior Lecturer. From August 2008 to August 2012 he was Director of CREES.

He has published a co-edited book New Security Challenges in Postcommunist Europe: Securing Europe's East and numerous journal articles on these themes in International Affairs, European Security, Problems of Post-Communism, Europe-Asia Studies and Demokratizatsiya, as well as several book chapters.

He has organised and presented widely at both academic and policy-related conferences and seminars in the UK (including Wilton Park and Chatham House), Europe and North America. He has submitted oral and written evidence at recent House of Commons and House of Lords inquiries and maintains strong links with the UK Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He is also on the editorial board of European Security and is an external examiner for the University of Glasgow.


Convenor of undergraduate year 2/3 module 'International Politics and Security in Russia and Eurasia'/'Advanced International Politics and Security in Russia and Eurasia'

Convenor of Graduate European Security module POLSG33

Contributes to teaching on CREES postgraduate taught modules

Postgraduate supervision

Currently supervising or co-supervising 3 PhD students. Supervision topics include Russian foreign and security policy; Russia-Europe relations; arms control and disarmament in the USSR successor states.


Research interests

  • Russian foreign and security policy
  • Russia-Europe relations
  • Arms control / non-proliferation issues in the USSR successor states

Current and recent projects

  • Leader of work package on CASCADE project 'Exploring the Security-Democracy Nexus in the Caucasus', funded under the FP7 Programme by the European Commission, February 2014 - January 2017, coordinated by Kataryna Wolczuk, CREES, value €344,940.

  • Manager of an ongoing project on arms control and economic transition, funded externally by the UK government; current contract June 2012 - May 2015, value £201,000.

  • Coordinator for CREES on International Research Staff Exchange Scheme project ‘EUropean Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change’, funded under the FP7 Programme by the European Commission, 36 months 2014-2016; value of award to CREES €123,500.

  • Organiser of NATO Advanced Research Workshop 'NATO and Russia:Towards Common Perceptions of Emerging Security Challenges', supported by the NATO-Russia Council Science for Peace and Security Programme, November 2013, value of award €36,900.

Other activities



  • Edited volume

Averre, DL with Cottey, A (2002) Securing Europe's East: New Security Challenges in Postcommunist Europe, Manchester University Press, pp 217

  • Refereed journal articles

Averre, DL (2005) ‘Russia and the European Union: Convergence or Divergence?', European Security, vol 14, no 2, pp 175-202

Averre, DL (2007) ‘“Sovereign democracy” and Russia’s relations with the European Union’, Demokratizatsiya, vol 15, no 2, pp 173-190

Averre, DL (2008) ‘Russian Foreign Policy and the Global Political Environment’, Problems of Post-Communism, vol 55, no 5, pp 28-39

Averre, DL (2009) ‘From Pristina to Tskhinvali: The legacy of Operation Allied Force in Russia’s relations with the West’, International Affairs, vol 85, no 3, pp 575-91

Averre, DL (2009) ‘Competing Rationalities: Russia, the EU and the “Shared Neighbourhood”’, Europe-Asia Studies, vol 61, no 10, pp 1689-1713

  • Book chapters

Averre, DL (2003) ‘Transborder Security and Regionalism’, in Graeme P Herd & Anne Aldis (eds), Russian Regions and Regionalism: Strength through Weakness?, Routledge Curzon, pp 63-81.

Averre, DL (with Oleg Reut) (2005) ‘EU-Russia Security Relations and the Republic of Karelia’ in Oksana Antonenko & Kathryn Pinnick (eds), Russia and the European Union’, Routledge/IISS, pp 155-72.

Averre, DL (2005) ‘The EU-Russia Relationship in the Context of European Security’, in Debra Johnson & Paul Robinson (eds), Perspectives on EU-Russia Relations, Routledge, pp 73-92.

Averre, DL (2007) ‘The Military Sector and European Security Cooperation’, in Graham Timmins & Jackie Gower (eds), An Uneasy Partnership: Russia and Europe in the 21st Century, Anthem Press.

Averre, DL (2010), ‘Russia: A global power?’, in Emil Kirchner and James Sperling (eds), National Security Cultures: Patterns of Global Governance (Routledge), 2010, pp. 265-86.

Averre, DL (2010), ‘The US, the EU and Russia: a ‘Strategic Partnership’ or a New Détente?’, in Jan Wouters and Steven Sterkx (eds), European Union, United States and Global Governance – Major Trends and Challenges, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, 2010, pp. 11-18.

Averre, DL (2013) ‘The Modernization Debate and Energy: Is Russia an ‘Energy Superpower’?’ in Jakub M. Godzimirski (ed.), Russian Energy in a Changing World: What is the Outlook for the Hydrocarbons Superpower?, Ashgate, pp 75-90.

Averre, DL (forthcoming summer 2014) 'Russia and NATO: a 2020 vision?', in Andrew Michta and Paal Sigurd Hilde (eds), 'NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Finding a New Balance', University of Michigan Press.


Russian foreign and security policy; Russia-Europe relations; arms control and non-proliferation issues in the USSR successor states

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