Dr Galina Yemelianova


Senior Lecturer in Eurasian Studies

Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies

Galina Yemelianova

Contact details

Telephone +44 (0)121 414 6362

Fax 44 (0)121 414 3423

Email g.yemelianova@bham.ac.uk

Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies
School of Government and Society
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham,
B15 2TT, United Kingdom


1985  PhD in Middle Eastern History, Institute of Asian and African Studies,

          Moscow State University

1982   MA (equivalent) with distinction in Middle Eastern History (major) and

           Arabic language (minor), Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow

           State University


A Historian of the Middle East by background Galina M.Yemelianova has been researching and teaching history and contemporary politics in the Middle East and Muslim Eurasia for more than two decades.  Since 2008, she has headed the University of Birmingham Research Group on the Caucasus and Central Asia.  

Her language competencies include:

  • Russian - native
  • Arabic - fluent
  • French - intermediate
  • Kazakh-intermediate
  • Turkish-intermediary



Current Convening and Teaching:  



        MSc Pathway on the Caucasus and Central Asia consisting of 3 modules :

  • The Caucasus: History, Culture and Contemporary Politics 
  • Central Asia: Islam, Nationalism and Globalization
  • Ethnic and Ethno-Religious Conflict  in Eurasia

An integral part of the Pathway is Kazakh language course which is taught by a native Kazakh language speaker.



  • Outlines of Russian History (1st year)
  • European Identities (1st year)
  • Extended Essay and Dissertation  in Russian and East European Studies’ (3rd and 4th years) 


Previous Convening and Teaching:  


  • MA module on Historiography of the Arab Countries 
  • MA module on History of Social Thought in the Middle East


  • Medieval Arab History (1st year)
  • Modern Arab History (2nd  year)

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Yemelianova has extensive experience in successful supervision of PhD students from numerous countries on various topics related to the Middle East and Muslim Eurasia.  Currently she is supervising 3 doctoral students (from the USA, the UK and Azerbaijan).


Major research interests

  • History of Peoples of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Volga-Urals Regions   
  • History and Contemporary Politics of the Middle East
  • Ethnicity, Nationalism and Religion in Russia, Eurasia and East Europe  
  • Islam and Islamic Radicalisation in the Middle East, Eurasia and Eastern Europe
  • Contemporary Islamic Thought and Islamic Movements
  • Sufism (mystical Islam) in the Middle East, Central Asia, Eurasia, Eastern and Western Europe  
  • International Islamic and Islamist Networks and Movements
  • Islam and Modernization
  • Islam, Secularism and Citizenship.

 Previous research projects

Between 1996 and 2010 Dr Yemelianova  successfully managed and conducted eight large  research projects on the history and contemporary ethno-religious situation in various  regions of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, funded by the British Academy, The Leverhulme Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Nuffield Foundation, the European Commission  and the British Council. Her research was based on extensive field-work in Muslim-populated region of the former Soviet Union. Her research team  included academics from the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia.

 Current research projects

Since April 2010 Dr Yemelianova has led  and managed an  international project ‘Innovative Teaching and Research through Academic Partnership’ between the University of Birmingham and the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU, Almaty, Kazakhstan),   funded by the British Council,  ( for the period between 01. 04.2010 and 31.03.2013.  The project’s activities include an exchange of academics and students between the two Universities, an involvement of Kazahstani academics in teaching of the MSc Module of Central Asia: Islam, Nationalism and Globalization  at CREES(convened and taught by Dr Yemelianova),  a teaching of Kazakh language  by Dr Svetlana Zhanabayeva, KBTU (in class and via skype) to students  on MSc  module on Central Asia at UoB; a teaching by UoB academics of MSc module on Economics in post-Communist Societies  and MA module on Development and Emerging Inequalities in post-Soviet Eurasia  at KBTU;  a joint research on factors of rising Islam in the UK and Kazakhstan; an organisation of seminars on Kazakhstan and wider Central Asia with external guest-speakers; an organisation of joint panels, round-tables  and workshops with the purpose of  disseminating the project’s findings (up to date - panel at XII European Society for Central Asian Studies (ESCAS) , University of Cambridge, 20-22 September 2011; poster presentation at the British Council International Forum Going Global 2012, QEII Conference Centre, London, 13-15 March 2012 and round-table at BASEES Conference, University of Cambridge, 30 March-2 April 2012)and  joint publications by members of the research team.  

Other activities

Dr Yemelianova’s other academic activities include:

  • membership of the University of Birmingham Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Block Grant Partnership BGP (BGP) Board representing the College of Social Sciences;
  • membership of the editorial board of Europe-Asia Studies (Glasgow).

Beyond academia, Dr Yemelianova regularly consult government and international organisations, as well as think-tanks, particularly on political, ethno-national and religious dynamic in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Muslim-populated regions of Russia.

Dr Yemelianova has provided regular interviews and expert comments to  relevant TV and radio programmes ( Television News, Sky News, Radio 1’s World at One, BBC World Service)  andperiodicals(see link to her  latest interview to  newspaper PULSE in January 2012), as well as interviews to  radio and TV programmes and periodicals  in  Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Russia and Sweden.


  • Books

Yemelianova, G (ed) (2010) Radical Islam in the former Soviet Union, Routledge, ISBN 10:0-415-42174-8, 305

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  • Articles in Refereed Journals

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  • Book Chapters

Yemelianova, G (2010) ‘Divergent Trends of Islamic Radicalisation in post-Soviet Russia’ in  Dannreuther, R and March, L, eds, Russia and Islam: State, Society and Radicalism,  Routledge, 7,870 words.

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