POLSIS Enhancing your Student Experience

In POLSIS we offer much more than a degree. As a student here, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, you have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of events, with some or all of the costs paid for by the department.

Some of these are targeted to help you build skills and experience for your CV, others are more open events designed to expose you to high-level speakers on current debates relevant to all POLSIS students.

Student funding opportunities:

Recent enhancement activities:

International Political Economy Guest Lecture 'Doing IPE Research'

Professor Mat Watson (Warwick), Dr Sophie Harman (Queen Mary), and Dr Megan Daigle (Aberystwyth) gave a Guest Lecture on 'Doing IPE Research' (27 October 2016).
Thursday 1st December 2016

Distinguished Scholar on Political Parties Gives Talks to Staff and Students

Professor Susan Scarrow (University of Houston) visited Birmingham to give a special lecture to students, talk about postgraduate study in the US and deliver a public lecture on party organization.
Thursday 1st December 2016

More activities across the school of Government and Society.

Student experience profiles:

Michaela Butorova, Alternative Careers Fair, London (2014)

Thanks to Student Enhancement Fund I was able to participate in the "Alternative Careers Fair" that took place on 29th November in London and was run by Escape the City. The experience I gained was truly fascinating and helped me enhance my career prospects in various ways.

Brian Yiu Lee, Sheffield MUN (2014)

At Sheffield MUN 2014, I participated in the Special Political and Decolonization committee (SPECPOL) as a delegate from the United Kingdom. This was challenging yet rewarding.

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Enhancement activities thoughout the School include:

Learn more about our events and opportunities to enhance your student experience with us:

Model NATO

POLSIS as part of an initiative of the School of Government and Society, also sends a student delegation each February to participate in a role play exercise of decision making in NATO. This is held in Washington D.C.. Students in previous years have represented France, Turkey and the United States.

Model United Nations: Boston, United States

This annual event, attended by 3000 students from 35 different nations, gives delegates the chance to participate in a high-level simulation mirroring the operations of the UN and its committee system, organised by an expert team of Model UN veterans based at Harvard University.

Undergraduate Conference

This conference is designed for, and organised and run by Undergraduate students from Government and Society. From choosing the speakers and organising the panels to designing the marketing and promotion strategy, this is a conference by students and for students, supported and guided by G&S staff.

CREES Annual Conference

The conference provides ample opportunities for discussing existing new developments in and around REES, CREES postgraduate students, whether Master's or PhD, are strongly encouraged to attend and many deliver highly successful presentations to a friendly and very well informed audience.

Postgraduate Study trip to Delhi

Study for a Masters within the School of Government and Society and you will have the opportunity to participate in an intensive international module in Delhi, India.

Model United Nations on Campus

This on-campus event is open to undergraduates, providing students with the opportunity to identify a potential threat to international peace and security, and to role play UN Security Council members as their chosen crisis unfolds.

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