CREES - Celebrating 50 Years


The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the Centre for Russian and East European Studies now known as the Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES). To mark this milestone we held a series of special seminars and an expanded annual conference. See details of our events and the 50 faces of CREES. Find out more about our current staff, research and teaching.

The 50 faces proved so popular and so many people wanted to share their happy memories of CREES that we welcome additional contributions from CREES alumni and former members of staff.

50+ faces of CREES (52/50)

50 faces of CREES
Professor Ron Amann General Sir Mike Jackson Daniel Franklin Paul Lewis Sarah Whitmore
Richard Sakwa Stefanie Harter (1993-1997) Douglas Sutherland Dr Bettina Renz Professor Robert Davies
Edwin Bacon Vera Tolz David Moon Philip Hanson Roy Allison
Mark Webber Julian Cooper Silvana Malle Malcolm-Hill Mark Harrison
Stephen Wheatcroft David Adshead (1968 - 2011) Greg Andrusz (1962 - 1965) Erica Richardson (1996 - 2004) Jan Toporowski (1968 - 1984)
John Dunstan (1972 - 1990) Judy Batt John Russell Odetta Barbullushi (2004 - 2009) Hilary Pilkington
David Wedgwood Benn Sarah Dorr Mike Pushkin Ann Helgeson Dennis Biggs (1961-1964)
David Clegg (1964-1966) Peter Rodgers Paul Hare (1971-1972) Melanie Ilic Peter Kneen (1969-1976)
Donal Male Luke March (1994 - 1999) Marea Arries (1986-) and Tricia Carr (1989-) Paul Holtom (1997-2003) Matthew Frear (2005-2013)
Mike Berry CREES (1966-) Kataryna Wolczuk Jeremy Smith Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik (2004-2008) Lara Kosygina
Liz Wyman Paul Barton, B.Com (Russian Studies) 1964-67  Tim Haughton    

50th anniversary events included:

50 faces of CREES #34 - Ann Helgeson

50 faces of CREES #34 - Ann Helgeson
I came to CREES in 1979, quite unexpectedly, when Chris Davis (another American) was going on leave for some reason or other and there was a need for someone to teach the Social Work students in Soviet social policy.
Monday 1st July 2013
Alumni, Social Sciences