David Moon (1982-1987)

David MoonI came to CREES in 1982 as an MA student and went on to complete a PhD, graduating in December 1987, having spent the year 1985-6 as a British Council Exchange scholar at Leningrad State University.

In October 2012 I was appointed Anniversary Professor in History at the University of York, UK.

My current research is in Russian and transnational environmental history. My latest book, The Plough that Broke the Steppes: Agriculture and Environment on Russia’s Grasslands, 1700-1914, will be published by OUP in 2013.

Since graduating from CREES, I have held posts – all in History Departmens - at: The University of Texas at Austin (1988-1990); Newcastle University (1990-99); Strathclyde University (1999-2005); Durham University (2005-12).

In 2008-9 I was a member (fellow) at the School of Historical Studies of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

Over the years, I have come greatly to value the postgraduate training and supervision at CREES. Foreign languages were my worst subject at school, so I knew I’d jumped into the deep end. I don’t think I could have had better language instructors than Dave Adshead and Mike Berry. When I started my Ph.D. research, I wanted Maureen to tell me what to do, but instead, she made me work it out for myself, which was the best supervision I could have had. Without the solid grounding I received at CREES, I doubt I could have achieved half what I have been able to do over my career. On a personal level, I am still in touch with friends I made among my fellow postgrads. And, I visit Russia regularly.