Lara Kosygina

Lara KosyginaI visited CREES as an academic visitor in 2001 and returned there as a PhD student in 2003. After graduation in 2009, I continued my research career in Russia, but I continue to be in touch with people whom I got to know while at CREES, and I remember my time there very fondly. 

My years at CREES coincided with the department allocation to the building of the European Research Institute on Prittcharts Road. I remember the cosiness of the Baykov Library located on the ground floor and first floor of the building. This library reminded me of my secondary school days back in Russia, and thus I really enjoyed being there − friendly staff, interesting books, posters from the 1920-1930s… For me Baykov Library is inseparably linked with my memories of CREES.

I also remember my teaching experience at CREES. I am grateful to the CREES Russian language teaching team for their invitation to join them. I had the opportunity to look at my mother tongue from the perspective of a person for whom it is a foreign language. It is one thing to speak a language and quite another to explain that language to others. For me this was a wonderful learning process. 

I greatly value my time at CREES. This was a time of meeting interesting people; making true friends; and trying something new in my life. For me CREES was a great place of studying, teaching, and simply being.

Happy anniversary, CREES!