Christophe Laarman 

MSc Contemporary Russian and East European Studies (2011)

Christophe Laarman describes his experience of studying an MSc in Contemporary Russian and East European Studies at the Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham during his recent graduation.

Hello my name is Edward Laarman and I’m from France and I’ve done an MSc in Contemporary Russian and East European Studies.

I saw the opportunities for Erasmus and I was interested in this and the UK of course is one of the most attractive countries for Erasmus and the only agreement they had was with the Birmingham so I applied and I got in and so I finished my economics degree there, here in Birmingham and afterwards I was looking for opportunities to do a post grad degree and this is how I came across this Russian department. And what was interesting was that they were teaching me already in third year in economics and so I just kept on studying the economics of Eastern Europe and Russia and so it was just a great thing.

Well as a Frenchman I’ve really enjoyed the way societies are organised it is not even part of studies but it's part of university life and I’ve really been able to make many friends through there and that was probably one of the most interesting things here.

I've already got a job so everything's lined up, no worries to have and, well maybe I wish I would have been able to stay in England the opportunities have been such that I’ve gone back to France and I’m quite happy there.

Well I’d say that studying is really interesting but it's very costly and you should really take it seriously so maybe take a subject that's really for you and that you're really in to and don't try to study for the sake of studying because it's really not worth it. You can get some work experience otherwise and it's really important to do this than not to mess around at university.

Course details: Contemporary Russian and East European Studies MSc