Voting and/or Protesting: the future of democratic participation in Putin's third term

Social Sciences
Monday 16th April 2012 (16:00-17:30)
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Talk by Denis Dvornikov will take place:
Room 121, Muirhead Tower, Edgbaston campus, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT

In his talk, he will focus on the Russian presidential elections in March 2012. He will discuss voters' strategies, the role of the media in the election campaign, implications of Putin's second term for Russian democracy, and he will make some comments about Putin's third term and likely response of the electorate.

Denis Dvornikov is a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, a civic activist in the field of Transparency of Justice and an independent election observer who has monitored elections in Russia, UK, and Ukraine. He holds a PhD in International Law.