CREES Scholars present cutting edge research at leading conferences on both sides of the Atlantic

Posted on Thursday 24th May 2012

The quality of the department's research was highlighted in recent weeks by the conference papers presented by CREES academics which showcased their cutting-edge work.

Drs. David White and Richard Connolly, for instance presented papers on timely issues at the annual British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies conference in Cambridge. The former presented on the fate of the Russian political oppositions in wake of the December elections and the re-elevation of Putin to the presidency, whilst the later examined the likely effects of Russia’s accession to the WTO.

Showing the geographical spread of expertise in CREES, Dr. Tim Haughton presented papers on the role of money and regulation in Czech party politics and the sources of (in)stability of party politics in Central and Eastern Europe at the Council of Europeanists conference in Boston. He also presented papers exploring the dynamics of Slovak party politics and the emergence of new parties across the region at the Mid-West Political Science conference in Chicago.

Moreover, CREES director, Derek Averre, spoke at a conference at the LSE on Russian views of EU foreign policy in light of the creation of the European External Action Service.