CREES academic advises HMG Whitehall Departments on Security in Central Asia

Posted on Friday 31st August 2012

On 23 August 2012 Dr Galina Yemelianova of the University’s Centre for Russian and East European Studies took part in the meeting with FCO and DfID officials, at DfID, London, with the aim of drafting Joint Analysis on Conflict and Stability (JACS) on Central Asia, including Afghan angle, for HMG Whitehall Departments. JACS is designed for the period of five years and addresses broad strategic environment, including the role of Russia, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan; the drivers of conflict in the region; highest risks to cause conflict and security implications for HMG.

Galina Yemelianova pointed to economic hardships, political authoritarianism and continuing Islamic radicalization as the major security risks in the region. She paid special attention to the situation in Kazakhstan in the light of Zhanaozen riots in western Kazakhstan in December 2011.