CREES Academic discusses parliamentary elections in Ukraine

Posted on Tuesday 18th December 2012

At the end of October, parliamentary elections took place in Ukraine, which attracted international attention in the context of declining democratic standards in Ukraine. The most conspicous example of breaches of democratic standards and rule of law has been the imprisonment of the opposition leader and former Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Dr Kataryna Wolczuk (CREES) was invited to comment on the elections for US, EU and UK audiences.

In September she participated in a RAF Molesworth Intelligence V-Table on the Ukrainian and Georgia elections aimed at informing the US and international intelligence community; she also delivered a presenation on Ukraine to the Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (JCIG) and NATO officials at the RAF Henlow.

In October she delivered a presentation to the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, which was followed by vigorous exchanges amongst the MEPs, reflecting differences on EU's policy towards Ukraine.

She also gave interviews to the European Voice and the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

Finally, in December, Dr Wolczuk spoke at Chatham House in London on the consequences of the elections for EU-Ukraine relations. She indicated that the conduct and the outcome of the elections complicates already strained relations between Ukraine and the EU and will lead to further delays to signing the ground-breaking Association Agreement. While the impasse in EU-Ukraine relations is resolvable, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon, thereby increasing the chances of Ukraine opting for integration with Russia's led Single Economic Space, a new regime for economic integration in the post-Soviet space, rather than the EU, according to Dr Wolczuk.