CREES Scholar work acclaimed by the Slovenian Research Agency

Posted on Monday 10th December 2012

Dr Tim Haughton's co-authored article, 'Money, organization and the state: The partial cartelization of party politics in Slovenia' written with Alenka Krasovec of the University of Ljubljana was selected by the Slovenia Research Agency as an example of ‘extraordinary achievement in the field of social sciences in 2011'.

The article which was published in Communist and Post-Communist Studies, drew on detailed analysis of party organization, party funding and voting behavior and concluded that in line with the cartel thesis not just that parties in Slovenia are heavily dependent on the state for their finances, but also that parties have used the resources of the state to limit competition. Nonetheless, the study also found there is much less evidence of cartelization in terms of party organization, indicating more cartelization in the party system as a whole than within individual parties.