New Publication on the EU co-edited by Birmingham academic with keynote by Russian Foreign Minister

Posted on Thursday 12th September 2013

The JCMS Annual Review of the European Union in 2012 co-edited by Dr Tim Haughton (CREES/POLSIS) has just been published and includes an article on Russia-EU relations by Sergey Lavrov.

In addition to the usual articles covering a range of political, economic and legal developments in the EU, the newly published JCMS Annual Review of the European Union in 2012 includes specially commissioned articles by two leading politicians, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and former Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radicova, alongside articles on France and the EU by Sciences-Po's Christian Lequesne, the euro crisis by the LSE's Paul de Grauwe and Yuemei Ji and the JCMS Annual Review lecture on compliance by the University of Vienna's Gerda Falkner.