CREES involved in NATO Advanced Research Workshop

Posted on Tuesday 12th November 2013

Dr Derek Averre, Centre for Russian and East European Studies, co-organising a NATO-funded workshop 'Towards Common Perceptions of Emerging Security Challenges' with the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Europe. 

A priority in NATO-Russia Council cooperation is the joint struggle against international terrorism, the threat of which is interlinked with other emerging security challenges such as regional conflicts, arms and drugs trafficking, organised crime, illegal migration and the proliferation of WMD. This Advanced Research Workshop, to be held in Moscow on 18-19 November 2013 and organised by the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Europe and the University of Birmingham, supported by the NATO-Russia Council Science for Peace and Security Programme, brings together the policy and expert communities from Russia and NATO member states to explore the rationale for extremism, radicalism and terrorism, examine the means employed by terrorists to foment instability and conflict, explore contemporary perceptions of terrorist threats and challenges through a comparative analysis of security cultures, and assess the prospects for common understanding and a comprehensive shared approach to dealing with emerging security challenges as a basis for institutional and functional cooperation.

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