PAC conference 2011: Public Service - Smaller Government

The 2011 Annual Public Administration Committee (PAC) Conference will take place at The University of Birmingham on 05 - 06 September. The conference theme is likely to be heavily dominated by the recent changes to UK public administration instigated by the Coalition Government. Whilst times are challenging for those working in the public service organisation and delivery, studying the recent changes and effects have never been so exciting, hence the theme 'Public Services - Smaller Government'.

As in previous years, the 2011 PAC conference will bring together academics and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines including public policy, public administration, public management, social policy, and politics to explore theoretical, empirical and practical questions about the changing nature of public services.

Knowledge transfer will be an important feature of the conference. As in previous years, the Birmingham conference will include a practice forum as developed during the past three conferences. This wholly relates to the PAC's objective of encouraging greater knowledge transfer with between practitioners and academics along with the publication of essays arising out of the conference.

The 2011 Conference will be slightly different to those held in previous years. Instead of being held over one full and two part days, this year's conference will be held over two full days.

For further details contact Dr Philip Whiteman, University of Birmingham:


Registration closes Friday 02 September 2pm, For any queries contact:
Ann Bolstridge on 0121 414 4967 or Guvinder Kaur Rajania on 0121 414 8227.


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