PhD doctoral researchers

A research degree is a unique opportunity to develop new skills, develop problem-solving abilities and make a valuable contribution to new knowledge.

Current PhD profiles from across the School:

International Development Department (IDD)

Ebenezer Akwanga
Security Sector Reform: The Challenges of Nation-State Building in South Sudan

Dhiaa N Al-Asadi
The impact of faith on the formation and roles of local governance / government in post-saddam Iraq: Basrah as an example

Jose Barbedo
Integrating Ecosystem Services on Flood Risk Management

Anne Callan

Fulmai Canisius
How Environmental Policy can influence the structure and functions of Government Departments in Developing Countries

James Connell
Violence, Trauma and Political Consciousness amongst Tibetan Refugees in South-East Asia

Anselm Feldman
When Stories Wander - Civil Society's Border-Crossing Practice for the People of Dawei, Burma/Myanmar

Ellie Gore
From sexual rights to a 'queer' approach: an examination of the politics of sexuality in Ghana

Vaughn Graham
The Ownership of Official Development Assistance in the Security and Justice Sector in Jamaica 2005-2013: How the Nature of Sectoral Policymaking Reflects and Challenges International Aid Policy.

Mattias Hjort
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) and the politics of knowledge production and standardisation

Pamela Jabbar
Gender and Corruption: What, if at all, is the relationship between masculinities and corruption; using India as case study.

Deny Junanto
Developing Performance Management system to improve the bureaucratic reform process in Indonesia

Alexander Kalgin 
Implementation of performance management in the public sector in Russia

Sabarinath Krishnan
Public Private Partnerships for Rural Development.

Paul Lewis
The role of FDI in the economic development of countries in transition

Philipp Lottholz
Statebuilding in Central Asia – Moving towards a post-liberal model? Inquiring local agency in Kyrgyzstan

Lamisi Mbillah 
Prosperity gospel and adherent social mobility in Ghana

Amrit Rai
Service Delivery and Accountability

Mohammad Roudo
The Effectiveness of Asymmetric Decentralization Policy in E nhancing Public Services and Improving Quality of Life: Measuring the Government Effectiveness to the Special Autonomy P olicy in Papua, West Papua and Aceh.

Pranay Sinha
Are Emerging Donors Different from Established Donors? A Comparison of Existing Policies and Practice

Mohammed Elmontasir Salih
Natural Resource Management

Houston Shearon
Criminality and Justice in Eastern Congo

Yogi Suwarno
Integrating Climate Policy into National Forestry Policy: A Case Study of Ministerial Policymaking within Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia

Gareth Wall
Reflecting local priorities through multidimensional indicators of development

Duman Wau
To What Extent Fair Trade Improves Cocoa Farmers’ Life: A Case Study of Cocoa Farmers in Ghana

Ourathai Yosinta
Organizational Culture affecting the promotion of Good Governance in the Public Sector: A case of provincial level in Thailand

More information: International Development Department (IDD)

Course information: International Development PhD/MPhil

Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)

Saban Akca

Tom Barrance
Constructions of postmodern local democracy; local civic society, democratic participation and informed engagement.   A QMethod study. 

Pobsook Chamchong
Analysing the Up-Scaling of Local Government Jurisdictions

Abena Dadze-Arthur
User involvement in public services in non-democratic government

Rosdi Bin Haji Abdul Aziz
Efficiency and effectiveness of complaint management in the public sector

Georgios Despotidis
Re-establishing the relationship between citizens and local politicians in Greece through citizen participation

Olwen Hamer
Local government modernisation and the promotion of equalities and human rights

Sarr-William Jabang
Public Procurement

Paul Keasey
Public Confidence in Policing

Sungwon Lee
The relationship between fiscal expenditure and quality of life

Jiayuan Li
Path to a Happier Nation: The Evaluation of Incorporating Happiness Measure in to Performance System in Guangdong.

Huaxing Liu
Public Credibility of Local Government

Caitlin McMullin
The third sector and co-production of social services: A comparative study of England and France

Marilyn Merriam
The role of the voluntary sector in the Criminal Justice System

Stephen Moore
Abuse of adults in care homes

Rooba Moorghen
Analysis of Impact Evaluation as a Policy Instrument in the Policy-Making Process in the Mauritian Public Service

Maureen O’Connor
Understanding the role and impact of change agents in the implementation of change

Rebecca O'Neill
Evidence based policy

Tutik Rachmawait
Management of public organisations

Yasmin Sooby
Public Private Partnerships

Holly Taylor
Domestic Violence in the Criminal Justice System - Mind the Justice Gap

Teguh Widodo
The Implementation of Performance Based Budgeting in Indonesia 2011-2014: Using Performance Information to Strengthen Government Accountability

More information: Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)

Course information: Local Government Studies PhD/MPhil

Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS)

Sara Alajmi
Young Arab's perception of the representation of Arabs in Hollywood productions at the start of the 21st century

Ali Amirmoayed
How Persian Shias 'Do Partnering' in the UK

Friane Aurora
International Political Economy A Comparative Study of State's Behavior toward Oil Multinational Companies (MNCs)

Andris Banka
American Drone Strikes

Cem Boke
Intervention Motives for Intrastate Conflicts: A Comparative Analysis of Conflicts in Libya and Syria

Ugur Buyuktepe
A Comparative Analysis of the Post-Cold War Era Changes in t he European Union’s and Turkey’s Security Cultures

Onder Cakir
Turkey's foreign policy in the post-cold war period

Sung-yu Chan
Political and economic strategies for the economic integration of china and Taiwan

Zhiting Chen
Political Economy of China and It's Impact on the Global Governance

Eleni Christodoulou
Pedagogical peacebuilding: the role of peace education in the Cyprus conflict

Bruno Dalponte
Regional Security; Regional Security Complex Theory; South America

Jacob Dilberto
Global Counter Insurgency: New Challenges to Terrorism

Iván Farías Pelcastre
The institutionalization of regional integration in North America

Corina Filipescu
Postcolonialism in EU enlargement policies seen from a Critical Discourse Analysis perspective

Annie Gibney
Governing European Workforce Development

Mai Hamed
Islamic finance and the international financial crisis

Gary Hazeldine
Pathologies of recognition: Axel Hhonneth and the renewed possibility of a critical theory of society

Christian Hernandez
Political Economy

David Jenkins
The Relationship Between National Capitalisms of the European Union, and the Development of a European Capitalism Under the Conditions of Globalisation

Henry Jacob
Politics and International Relations

Lala Jumayeva
The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in comparative perspective

Argyro Kartsonaki
The role of International Actors in State Secession and Recognition: the Case of Kosovo

Max Lempriere
The Local Politics of Ecological Modernisation: The Development of Sustainable Construction Policy Amongst English Local Authorities

Jiesheng Li
The Politics of aid delegation: The IDA and bilateral donors

Cherry Miller
Rekindling the Crimson Bond: A Genealogy of Attitudes towards the postwar Labour Party

Samir Naser
Reason, Religion and War: A Study in the Ideological Sources of Violence

Luke Neal
Political Ethics in the Arendtian Public Space: Beyond Nietzschean and Kantian Integration

Alex Oaten
The English Defence League: A postmodern political movement?

Christian Ploeberger
Regime change and development in Japan and China from the early 1970s to the late 1990s: An integrated analysis

Ipek Ruacan
International and world society: a European Union rescue mission for the English school

Raul Salgado Espinoza
The Role of Small States in the South American Integration: Ecuador and Uruguay in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) 

Kenneth Searle
Is gay queer?

Hebatullah Selim
Salafi Discourse Analysis concerning Political Development in Egypt (2010-2014)

Saori Shibata
Japan's economic and political restructuring and unprotected workers

Chandrachur Singh
Green Cosmopolitanism: Global Governance, Global Institutions and the Environmental Challenge

Hena Singh
Political theory/gender studies.

Rubens De Siqueira Duarte
Politics and International Relations

Pana Stitsart
Political economy of sovereign wealth funds the case of China and Singapore

Marcin Stobrawa
Visual culture in the Internet age - a study based on advert 

Sam Warner
Depoliticisation and the Industrial Relations Act 1971

Olivia Whitworth
Transnational Women’s Networks in East Asia

Pengchen Xianyu
Human Rights in the US China Policy

Shaf Zafeer
The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment during Intense Intrastate Conflict

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Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS)

Joshua Baker 
A Counterfactual Study of the US - Iran Nuclear Relationship

Rhys Crilley
Legitimacy Claims in the Digital Age: Analysing Visual Narratives of Strategic Communication

Jonna Nyman
(Re)conceptualising energy security in US-China relations

Lindsay Murch 
How military technology shapes the prevailing hegemonic conception of masculinity

Daniel Pinheiro Rio Tinto de Matos 
Tracing the Security Dilemma in Civil Wars: how fear and insecurity can lead to intra-state violence?

More Information: Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS)

Institute for German Studies (IGS)

Anja Benedikt
Memory and Migration: The Impact of Historical Experience on Immigrant Integration Discourse and Policy in Germany

Ivor Bolton
The implementation of German heritage policy and the representation of ‘inner unity’ through memorials and museums

Charlotte Galpin
Euro Crisis… Identity Crisis? The Single Currency and the Discursive Construction of European Identities in Germany, Poland and Ireland

Josefin Graef
The Dynamics of Narrating Public Violence: The National Socialist Underground and the (Re-) Negotiation of Germanness

Leila Mukhida
Transnational Co-production in Post-reunification German Language Cinema

Marlene Schrijnders
From London to Leipzig and back: Goth scenes in the GDR between Endzeitand Revolution.

David J. Zell
Major cultural commemorations and the construction of cultural & political identity in the GDR, 1959-1983

More information: Institute for German Studies (IGS)

Course information: German Studies (Social Sciences) PhD/MPhil

Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES)

Karena Avedissian 
Success and Failure of Social Movements in Authoritarian Contexts: the Cases of Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria

Nicholas Coombs
Lev Kamenev: A Case Study in Moderate Bolshevism

Lance Davies
An examination of the evolution of security and conflict theory within the context of Twenty-First Century Russo-European relations

Veysel Erdemli
Tradition and Belonging: Georgian Associations in Turkey

Nino Kemoklidze
Identity and Violence: Cases in Georgia

Katharina Hoffman
Regional Organisations in the Post-Soviet Space: Domestic Origins of Cooperation Dynamics

Daniela Ionescu
The EU Evaluation of Conditionality in the 2007 Enlargement Romania/Bulgaria- a far from neutral job

John Kennedy 
Contemporary Entrepreneurship in Siberia

Duncan Leitch
The Contribution of International Technical Assistance to Public Administrative Reform in Ukraine: the Case of Regional Policy 2000-2012

Polina Manolova
Youth Transitions in Bulgaria

Ingerid Opdahl
Energy and Russian Foreign Policy in the CIS under Putin

Judith Perera
Russia's nuclear industry

Fredrick Rydstrom
The International Women's Day in Soviet and post-Soviet discourse.

More information: Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES)

Course information: Russian and East European Studies PhD/MPhil

Recently completed:

International Development Department (IDD):

Ellie Chowns
The political economy of community management of public goods and services: a study of rural water supply sustainability in Malawi

Jennifer Clarke
Bureaucratic Autonomy: Theories, Frameworks and Constraints - A Caribbean Perspective

Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV):

Mohammed Alsaif
E-government and Public Services

Azora Hurd
How effectively do public and third sector organisations encourage children and young people to participate in decision making processes affecting their lives?

Dumisani Jantjies
Effect of improvement of accountability in the provincial government on services delivery management: Comparative analysis of two provincial governments in South African context (North West province and other province)

Sang Hoon Shin
Dysfunctional consequences of Korean Performance Budgeting System and its policy implications

Department of Political Science and International Science (POLSIS):

Fran Amery
Abortion politics in the UK: Feminism, medicine and the state

Carly Beckerman Boys
Carnage and Commissions: A British Failure in Palestine

Christopher Byrne
Transformation of the British labour party

Laurence Cooley
The construction of European Union conflict management policies: A comparative analysis of Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo

Nabamita Das
Emerging narratives of heterosexual intimacy across three generations of middle class urbanites of Bengal.

Oniel Díaz jiménez
Professionalization of election campaigning in Mexico: a study on change and continuity in Mexican campaign practices and communications (1997-2009)

Jane Foody
The politics of ageing in England: exploring local differences

Justin Gibbins
Britain and its others: evolving identity construction

Flor Gonzalez Correa
The role of the transnational companies in the international system

Stephen Hetherington
The rationales of cultural policy in the UK

Ma Diosa Labiste
Spectral Technologies and the Postcolonial Public Sphere

Dominggus Li
Silent Suffering: The Making of East Timorese in Exile After 1999

Regina Lim
Negotiating secular citizenship: Islamisation and political change in Malaysia

Sabrina Luk
Comparative healthcare policy in China and Hong Kong: using the lens of historical Institutionalism

Martin Monahan
The Conservative Party and Social Justice Policy 1997–2010: An Historical Institutionalist Analysis

Tim Norris
Poetics and Truth in the writing of Hans-Georg Gadamer

Hung Pham
'The developmental state', the evolving international economic order, and Vietnam

Amin Samman
(Re-) imagining the crises of global capital

Barbara Schaller
Towards a heterodox economic theory of poverty production – An analysis of evolutionary institutionalist and post-Keynesian thought

Liam Stanley
The everyday politics of the age of austerity: Crisis and the legitimation of fiscal consolidation in the UK

Wong Pui Fung, Gary
Shanghai, China’s Capital of Modernity: Urban Experience and Production of Space of World Expo 2010

Benjamin Zala
Rethinking Polarity for the Twenty-first Century: Perceptions of Order in International Society

Collin Zhuawu
Engaging Africa in the changing IPE: Mauritius activism and Cooperation in the WTO  

Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS):

Jonna Nyman
(Re)conceptualising energy security in US-China relations

Centre for Russian and East European Studies (CREES):

Kathryn Cassidy
Society and Household Economics in the Ukrainian-Romanian Borderlands

Victoria Hudson
Russian Soft Power in Contemporary Ukraine

Kamala Imranli
Establishment of the First Armenian Republic

Research podcasts:

IDD PGR podcast: The Ownership of Official Development Assistance in Jamaica 2005-2013Vaughn Graham, PhD researcher, University of Birmingham (Recorded: 19 March 2014)

IDD PGR podcast: Cultural Trauma, Youth and Class: Reflections on Fieldwork with Tibetan Refugee YouthJames Connell, PhD researcher, International Development Department, University of Birmingham. (Recorded: 20th February 2014)

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