Jacob Dilberto

Surging: A Comparative Study to the Outcomes of the American Surges in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jake-DilibertoSupervisor: Stefan Wolff

Jake researches American foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, since 9/11. In doing so Jake specializes in American Politics, International Security, and Military Studies.  His research investigates how particular portions of US intervention affected the outcomes of each conflict.

In performing his research, Jake has interviewed 92 senior cabinet members, military officers, state department officials, and members of both the Iraqi and Afghan government.


Jake is a former US Marine. Deployed to OEF Pakistan in 2001 and OIF Kuwait and Iraq in 2003. Jake researches insurgencies, civil wars, and American Foreign Policy since 9/11.

Research interests

  • International Security
  • Global Politics
  • Insurgencies
  • Terrorism
  • Civil War
  • American Foreign Policy

Teaching responsibilities

  • International Security
  • Diplomatic History
  • Social Divisions

Professional memberships

  • APSA
  • ISA
  • BISA

Conference papers

Surging: A Tale of Two Bloody Bailouts

The Bloody Gavel: Understanding the Syrian Civil War through the Iraq Surge

Washington in Wonderland: How Presidents Bush and Obama continued Counterinsurgency from Iraq to Afghanistan


Website: http://jake-diliberto.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jjdilib
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jacob.diliberto