Sabarinath Krishnan

Public Private Partnerships for rural development

Lead supervisors: Dr Adrian Campbell and Dr Richard Batley

My research is on public private partnerships (PPP) for rural development in India. PPP in the sectors of rural development and agriculture has been under the consideration of many developing economies as these sectors have not been able to keep up with sectors like core/social infrastructure that have conventional governance and implementation frameworks.

Conventional rural development strategies are mostly top-driven and implemented with less focus on the economies of scale in the case of economic activities and with less emphasis on the operation and management of public assets created; sporadic, fragmented and piecemeal interventions made such initiatives less sustainable.

It is in this context that PPP is rapidly gaining significance as the way ahead for developing countries in ensuring inclusive growth and development of rural areas. PPP with customisation is being considered as a means to overcome many of the inherent weaknesses in current modes of service delivery as well as the creation of infrastructure with livelihood opportunities contributing to enhancing the quality of life in rural areas.

It is imperative that the methods and formulae being used by public and private sectors in PPPs be thoroughly analysed for sustainability; there are enough cases of seemingly brilliant projects having fallen through due to the lack of a follow through mechanism in the model or due to implementation shortcomings. In other words, due to insufficient modes of sustaining the models.

My research aims to provide a better understanding of the intricacies of service delivery, governance and implementation frameworks of these PPP models for rural development and study the sustainability of the implemented projects in the country.


Before joining IDD, I worked for a year in a rural development organisation in the Netherlands with its operations in India which required extended village studies in rural South India. I also worked as a public policy researcher at the Montesquieu Institute in the Hague.

Research interests

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Public private initiatives for development
  • Rural development
  • Governance and implementation
  • Service delivery in developing countriesProfessional memberships

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