Max Lempriere

The Environmental Politics of Local Targets for Carbon Reduction and Renewable Energy


Supervisor: Dr David Toke and Professor John Raine (INLOGOV)

My research will fill a gap in social science theory about how local government can make innovatory contributions, in this case to environmental sustainability, that extend beyond policies authorized by central government.

Focusing on the area of carbon reduction the research will investigate the socio-political networks associated with the adoption, and also, crucially, the effective implementation by councils of radical local renewable and carbon reduction targets.

My research will study a sample of local council cases to assess, first, what constitutes ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ practice, and second, what sort of networks have been associated with what particular outcomes. The overriding aim of the study is to contribute to the literature on social movements and ecological modernization theory when it comes to understanding the role of producer-oriented interest groups in the development of ecological modernization as a practice.


  • BA(Hons) Political Economy, First Class (Birmingham)
  • MSc Political Science, Merit (Stockholm University, Sweden) 

Research interests

  • Ecological modernization theory 
  • Historical Institutional Theory 
  • Local Politics 
  • Network governance theory 
  • Environmental Policy Making

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