Wong Pui Fung, Gary

Shanghai, China’s Capital of Modernity: Urban Experience and Production of Space of World Expo 2010

Supervisor: Ross Abbinnett; Mairtin Mac An Ghaill; Pete Webb

My key research focuses are urbanisation and the political economy of contemporary China. By investigating the case of organising Shanghai World Expo 2010, my doctoral thesis attempts to address the transformation of political economy in urban China after joining World Trade Organisation, as well as the influence on urban development and urban culture.


My doctoral research concerns the political economy in urban China (with Shanghai as the fieldwork site), in which I aim at delineating and evaluating the existing political system of China from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Before arriving Birmingham, I completed the undergraduate and M.Phil. degrees at the University of Hong Kong, as well as received a Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. During my M.Phil study, I attempted to explore the meaning of work among young generation in urban Mainland China (fieldwork sites: Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen) amid the great transformation of economic structure.

With the experience of teaching in London, Hong Kong, Suzhou (China), I am confident in teaching under diverse classroom environments.

I am also the holder of PhD Scholarship offered by Universitas 21.

Besides academic research, I actively participate in community activities and media discussion by serving as the Vice-Chairperson of Roundtable Institute & Its Network (a platform of young social scientists in Hong Kong) and the Co-convenor of Hong Kong International Relations Research Association (a non-profit organisation promoting international relations studies). I also regularly contribute cultural and political commentaries to Chinese and English newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


  • Political Science (B.A. Hons) University of Birmingham
  • Globalisation, Media and Culture (M.A. with Distinction) Keele University

Research interests

  • China studies
  • Urban studies
  • Class studies 
  • Youth studies
  • Popular culture 

Teaching responsibilities

  • Approaches to Social Problems (Chinese University of Hong Kong; 2011)
  • Hong Kong-Mainland China Integration (City University of Hong Kong; 2010)
  • Introduction to Sociology (HKU Space Global College; 2009)
  • Contemporary World (HKU Space Global College; 2009)
  • Youth, Conformity and Transgression (Kingston University London; 2009)

Professional memberships

  • Hong Kong Political Science Association
  • Hong Kong Sociological Association

Conference papers

“Reinventing Political Engagement by Shaping Post-colonial Public Discourse: A Case Study in Hong Kong”, Conference on Informing Public Policy: New Agendas for Social Research (National Centre for Social Research and London School of Economics and Politics, United Kingdom), 23-24 April, 2009.

“Attitudes to Success, Work and Working Life of Young Graduates in Urban China”, International Conference “Challenging Orthodoxy: The Public Function of Sociology?” (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom), 4-7 September 2005.

“New Pavements to Success: Impacts of New Technologies on Youth’s Success Ethos and Working Experience in Urban China” Conference on New Technologies and Youth (University College of Northampton, United Kingdom), 3-4 September 2005.


Wong, Gary P.F., Shen, Simon. (2011). Does “Middle Class Dream” still exist? A Quantitative Study on the Imagination of Upward Social Mobility by “the Fourth Generation of Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Social Sciences Journal, 41: . (in Chinese)

Wong, Gary P.F. (2009). Book Review: Leo Lee, City between Worlds: My Hong Kong. Hong Kong Social Sciences Journal, 36 (Spring, Summer): 182-188. (in Chinese)

Wong, Gary P.F. (2008). “Block C, 18th Floor: A Radio Drama Representing People’s Voices for 40 Years. Hong Kong: Enlighten Publishing and Commercial Radio Production. (in Chinese)

Contact details

Email: PXW848@bham.ac.uk