Collin Zhuawu

Engaging Africa in the changing IPE: Mauritius activism and Cooperation in the WTO.

Supervisors: Nicki Smith and Donna Lee

My thesis traces the activism and co-operation of Africa in the World trade Organisation (WTO) negotiating and decision-making process through examining the activities of Mauritius. It aims to examine the engagement of Africa in a changing International Political Economy (IPE) through the analysis of the activities of Mauritius. The thesis investigates the increased engagement of Africa in the IPE beyond the state elites interests and client-patronage relationships by establishing that Mauritian activism and co-operation in the WTO serves not only the elites but the welfare of Mauritians.

My thesis takes the structure agency approach to demonstrate that Mauritius diplomats, political elites and business representatives are ‘human agency’ that contributes to the understanding of Africa’s engagement in the IPE.


I joined the POLSIS Department in 2005 as a MA student and began PhD studies in 2007.  I had previously taught at the University of Zimbabwe and worked as an intern at the WTO. My joining of the department was an effort to rebuild my career interrupted after having gone into exile.


  • BSc Honours Politics and Administrative Studies (Harare,  Zimbabwe)
  • MSc International Relations (Harare, Zimbabwe)
  • MA International Studies (Globalisation and Governance)  (Birmingham, UK)

Research interests

  • Africa in the International Political Economy.
  • Africa in the World Trade Organization.
  • Globalisation
  • African Regionalisation
  • Democratisation and Development.

Teaching responsibilities

  • POLS 105 – Introduction to International Relations.
  • PO9 – Democratisation and Development; Graduate option module for MA/Diploma courses– Part Time Teacher in the Department of Politics and International Studies (PIS), Warwick University

Professional memberships

  • British International Studies Association (BISA) Africa Group
  • Warwick Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)

Conference papers

“Engaging Africa in the changing International Political Economy”, University of Birmingham Conference on Interdisciplinary in International Relations, Birmingham (September 2009).

“Mauritius, Taking Domestic Concerns into the WTO”,   International Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution (ICMCR), Politics and Knowledge 2010 Conference on Contemporary Issues in African Politics , University of Nottingham (January 2010)


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