Lesego Motlogelwa

MA International Studies in Education

Lesego talks about life as an international student at the University of Birmingham and the skills and knowledge she has gained which can be taken back to her home country of Botswana.

My name is Lesego Motlogelwa, you can call me Les. I’m from a beautiful country called Botswana in African continent and I’m studying Masters’ in Education in International Studies.

Birmingham University is really a good place, you feel like home, there’s no gap to miss home, to miss Botswana, you feel like wow…this is a good place to be! I have received a scholarship award called Congleton. It’s for women who have passion to go back to their country to make some impact in the development of their country. I’m really happy about it and I’m glad to be part of it.

Coming to study here it really helped me to understand different culture different food, different languages yes…we have students from China, we have students from Italy, we have students from England…all over the world! I said wow, this is really fantastic!

I would like to end my conversation by encouraging more international students to come to study at University of Birmingham. You won’t regret your time being here, you’ll really love it and enjoy. Thank you. Bye-bye."