Jamie Vickery

International Political Economy MA

jamie-vickeryI originally chose to study with POLSIS at Birmingham for my undergraduate degree because the BA programme suited me best for my needs and the POLSIS department was ranked highly nationally; at the time I was unsure as to the specific branch of politics that I wished to specialise in and the BA provided a thorough overview of all areas. From my undergraduate experience, I already knew that the level of support that I would receive from the department would be high and I was also excited about the introduction of environmental governance and climate change politics modules (the political area that I did eventually want to focus on) helped to persuade me to come back.

I'm studying for an International Political Economy (IPE) MA with the two environmental politics modules as my choices, having previously received an International Relations and Political Science BA. I specifically chose IPE this time due to wanting to further some of the work I did as an undergraduate. As I said I became really interested in environmental politics, however rather than taking a wholly environmental standpoint I actually enjoyed focusing on the economic and political reasons for environmental governance and policy change (or non-governance and change) hence I felt that it would help to expand my knowledge of political economy.

In terms of the university and the city, the first main attraction was the level of sporting opportunities that are available. I've been a keen sprinter for around a decade, and the level of support that I have received from the Athletics and Cross Country club during both undergraduate and postgraduate level has given me the best chance to develop myself as an athlete - I really don't feel that any other university in the UK attains a higher level of both sporting and academic excellence. On top of that, the fact that Birmingham is a campus-based university that is only ten minutes from the city centre is also a huge plus. Being a campus environment it makes academic life so much easier in terms of travelling to classes and finding research material - rather than having to visit various buildings around the city, yet you don't feel isolated from the rest of the city because the city centre is such a short train ride away.

My passion is international politics so I'm currently looking at ways to make that a career, whether that be through the Civil Service Fast Stream with the FCO or through internships with International Organisations and NGOs around Europe. On top of that, I also haven't ruled out the possibility of wanting to study for a PhD in environmental/energy politics, as it was the want to further my studies rather than any career-based or employability reason that brought me back to Birmingham for my Masters.

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