Neema Begum

Political Science (British Politics and the State) MA

neema-begumAfter completing my undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations at POLSIS, I chose to continue studying at Birmingham at postgraduate level. I knew that by studying with POLSIS, I would continue to be challenged and encouraged in my studies; I also knew that I would benefit from both the expertise within the department and from the excellent academic teaching and a solid research base.

I have chosen to study the specialist pathway of ‘British Politics and the State’ within Political Science. Having studied a range of modules in my three years as an undergraduate, I realised that my keenest interests were in political theory and contemporary issues in British politics. The undertaking of my undergraduate dissertation on the 2011 English Riots was both challenging and enjoyable in that I was able to explore my interests extensively as well as produce research on relevant and critical social and political issues in Britain today. I hope to continue to engage with as a postgraduate.

As well as offering students learning spaces like the new Library of Birmingham, the city of Birmingham’s social landscape is an excellent point of study and experience of modern, multi-cultural Britain.

I chose POLSIS for the opportunity to distinguish myself with a Master’s degree from an elite department within a dynamic learning community at a leading institution. The completion of my master’s degree will be excellent preparation for further academic research and facilitate a career in research, possibly at a policy institute or similar research organisations.

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