Brami Van Crombrugge, International Model NATO Conference 2013

Brami Van Crombrugge, an International Relations and Spanish 4th Year in POLSIS recently took part in the Model NATO Conference 2013 in Washington, United States, alongside fellow Government and Society students. 

Brami Van Crombrugge"The 28th Model NATO Conference, held in Washington D.C., was such an invigorating experience. This year, 6 students: Sophie Forrest, Jeremy Wimble, Sean Coley, Felix Cairns, Aurimas Braszys, and myself, accompanied by Dr. Mark Webber, represented the Republic of Turkey. Felix and I represented the Turkish delegate in the Defense Planning Group, which in essence consisted of drafting resolutions with regards to political and military issues that were stated in the agenda - a pre-arranged agenda, which schedule of appearance was modified by all participating delegates on the opening day. 

The general aura that surrounded the ongoing debates in the Defense Planning Group was indescribable. While certain delegates were returning to their 2nd/3rd Model NATO conference, others (such as Felix and I) were experiencing our very first. It was an absolute honour to be part of such an invaluable event and to be able to learn from such a diverse variety of students. 

What most certainly also made this such an exceptional trip was that Turkey's role within NATO at this time was highly relevant, following its tense and volatile relations with Syria. We were therefore faced with a great challenge when the crisis simulated consisted of the contamination of chemical weapon after-effects of Southern Turkish citizens, and I highly praise every single one of my colleagues for their professional projection of Turkish Foreign Policy. This was made proof of in the Honorable Mention Award we received, as a delegation, in the Award Ceremony. 

I would highly recommend this experience to any student wishing to experience what unfolds behind the doors of NATO's committees."

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