Pierre Alexandre-Chlabovitch

2nd year BA Political Science


Well I was passionate about politics so what I enjoy the most about the course is the debates we have in seminars mostly and yeah, the whole political debate thing is really good.

As an international student it was studying in a British university, getting a new experience and about POLSIS it was the whole, again, the fact that I was passionate about politics, that led me to come and study here and the POLSIS department.

My advice would be get prepared to have interesting debates, so work on your ideas, do loads of readings about what you feel passionate about in politics and yeah, enjoy the course.

I’m involved in the Politics Society. I’m the Careers Officer of the Politics Society. I’m also the IT Officer of the Bright Futures Society which is a society that aims to help students with their future careers through networking and I’m also involved in the Polo Club at the university."