Will Mieville-Hawkins

3rd year BA History and Political Science 


I’m Will Mieville-Hawkins and I do History and Political Science and I’m in my third year and next year I’m doing the Teach First graduate programme.

I love the diversity of it and the choices of different things you can study. Particularly in POLSIS we’ve got an excellent range of academics doing all sorts of different interesting things. We do anything from political economy to international relations to political philosophy and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of combining it all together. I think it’s given me a really well-rounded experience.

I’ve always been interested in Politics and I kind of thought to myself, I did a little bit at A-level and thought to myself I really, really enjoyed the study of Politics and it links in really well with History which I really enjoy too and Birmingham’s Politics department is very famous, it’s a very very strong department and you’ve got some great academics here and I thought it would be a really good place to come.

I was Chair of the Lib-Dem Society for two years, I’ve set up and run other societies, I’m Trustee of the Guild of Students. I’ve done all sorts of like volunteering projects and worked for an MP during my time here. I’ve done loads of stuff, yeah.

Well I’m doing the Teach First graduate scheme which is basically a scheme where they get graduates that wouldn’t normally go into teaching to go into teaching. They pay for the PGCE and they make them work in a really deprived school somewhere in the country for two years in an attempt to kind of turn it round, raise the aspirations of their kids and hopefully i can make some of them work hard and come here; that would be the absolute dream.

I think the skills that I learnt in my degree have been really important. So what they like to see here is they like to make you kind of contribute a lot in seminars, they make you want to do presentations all the time and that really helps, it gives you the confidence to get up in front of a room of people and talk about something and debate something and kind of analyse ideas and discuss things and that’s basically what happens at an interview. You’re asked to discuss something, it’s a one-on-one thing and you know, people ask you questions and you’ve got to give them a decent answer."