POLSOC Committee student profiles

POLSOC group

Politics Society Chair
Megan Baxter, 2nd year Political Science and History

Megan BaxterWhat attracted you to studying with POLSIS at Birmingham?
POLSIS was ranked, at the time I was selecting Universities, very highly among league tables, and that coupled with the excellent facilities and reputation of staff, I knew that I would be getting the most out of my course at the University of Birmingham.

What is your role in the society/what activities have you been involved with?
My new role in the society is Chair, but my role for the past year has been Secretary, and so I have been involved in a number of activities including successful debates, namely ‘Thatcher on Trial’, several social events at clubs in Birmingham, and my first event as Chair of POLSOC was a very successful alumni event. We are currently organising an Exam Mentor Scheme for first year POLSIS students – having held a similar event for essay help in the first term that had an excellent turn out, we are sure this event will be just as well received!

What do you most enjoy about being part of the POLSOC committee?
I love being able to put my spare time, knowledge and skills to good use by working with great committee members on events that will enhance our members’ experience at the University of Birmingham. 

How do you think your involvement and the skills you have developed through activities will help you after graduation?
Being a committee member has given me invaluable skills, such as the ability to work in a team, filling out formal paperwork, organising events for 70+ people and dealing with large budgets of up to £2000. These skills will be an asset to me (and any future employers!) after I have graduated, not to mention simply being in the committee has helped me and my fellow committee members stand out from the crowd when it comes to writing our CVs.  

Politics Society Vice-Chair
Hannah Lane, 2nd year BA International Relations

Hannah LaneWhat attracted you to studying with POLSIS at Birmingham?
I was attracted to study in POLSIS because it has excellent teaching staff who conduct research in areas that I am interested in, and it is this knowledge that makes the learning experience in POLSIS interesting.

What is your role in the society/what activities have you been involved with?
I am the Vice-Chair of POLSOC and was the Media Officer last year, so have been on the committee for a while now! Over the last year we have run a wide variety of events, from Thatcher on Trial, to a debate on the AV voting system, as well as numerous social events. We have also arranged events to help first year students with their essays by running a fresher mentor scheme.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the POLSOC committee?
My favourite part of being a committee member is enhancing the student experience of our members whilst they are at the University, whether it is organising socials, debates or lectures – we aim to make the student experience a little more exciting and interesting for our members.

How do you think your involvement and the skills you have developed through activities will help you after graduation?
By being part of the POLSOC Committee I have learnt many skills which will be valuable to employers, including organisational skills, leadership and management skills, and time-management. I am involved in lots of different stuff outside teaching hours, so I have to manage my time well to fit everything in! These skills are things that all employers are looking for.

Politics Society Careers Officer
Pierre-Alexandre Chlabovitch, Political Science, 2nd year

Pierre-Alexandre ChlabovitchI was attracted to studying with POLSIS at Birmingham because of the opportunity to study British Politics. I am the Careers Officer in the Politics Society; as part of my role, I am looking to do whatever I can to help improve the employability of POLSIS students at Birmingham.

I recently helped to organise an ‘Alumni Mentoring Event’, which was extremely successful, attracting over 50 students and eight POLSIS alumni, who were able to give current students a perspective on how to make the most of their time whilst studying with POLSIS.


Politics Society Political Officer
Ben Woodward, 1st year Political Science

Ben WoodwardWhat attracted you to studying with POLSIS at Birmingham?
It was a range of factors really, I was attracted to Birmingham because of the beautiful campus and it’s close to home. I wanted to study politics here because it was a passion that I had been developing for a long time and on the open day the staff were really accommodating and the course was interesting.

What is your role in the society/ What activities have you been involved with?
I am the Political Officer. I have only just been elected but my plan is to arrange as many guest speakers and political discussions as possible. So far I have been involved with the careers alumni event and we're currently in the process of planning an exam advice workshop.

What do you most enjoy about being part of the POLSOC committee?
A job is only as good as the people that you work with, and I very much enjoy working with the other members of the committee. Also I believe that University is about experience as well as academia, I will enjoy being able to contribute to that experience with events and guest speakers.

How do you think your involvement and the skills you have developed through activities will help you after graduation?
It is so important to make the most of University and not just through your degree. Employers are looking for involvement and activity outside of the course. I think that my job is good for networking, meeting and conferring with MP's and others on the political career track. It will also give me practise in pursuing those in politics. Finally I learn crucial organisational skills. 

Politics Society Treasurer
Daniel Jaenicke, 2nd year Political Science

Daniel JaenickeI was attracted to studying with POLSIS at Birmingham as the sporting facilities, the beautiful campus and the course structure were all very appealing.

I'm currently on the committee of the Politics Society and am the Committee Treasurer; I have only just joined so haven't really fully helped yet, but I have helped out with the Mentor Scheme that we run. It’s extremely enjoyable being part of a committee that wants to help politics students.

From my involvement in the Politics society, I think that it will help me after graduation in that it will show that I can be committed to a group and devote time to it whilst still maintaining good grades. It will also show and hopefully demonstrate other non-academic skills I have.

Politics Society Media and PR Officer
Sam Jones, 1st year Political Science, Politics Society 

Sam JonesI was attracted to studying here because of the range and diversity of the areas available for study, the teaching staff and the campus facilities. I'm currently the Media and PR Officer on the POLSOC committee and I'm in charge of making sure that our members know about and take advantage of the events we run and opportunities we provide.

I really enjoy working on the committee and the fact that it gives us the chance to improve the experience of students within an area that we're all passionate about.

I'm sure the skills that I'm developing will be invaluable to me after graduation. Taking on different responsibilities such as engaging with our members and providing them with interesting and useful opportunities has enabled me to develop very good general organisational skills.

Politics Society Sports Officer
Stephen Jarman, 2nd year Economics and Political Science

Stephen JarmanI liked Birmingham when I visited it and wanted to study politics here. My role on the POLSOC committee is to provide society members with all possible sporting opportunities, whether they want to play socially or competitively.

I enjoy the social aspect of being a part of the POLSOC committee. My involvement in POLSOC will help me after graduation as I have learnt how to be a part of a team.




Politics Society Social Secretary
Oliver Brickley, Political Science, 2nd year

Oliver BrickleyI was attracted to studying in POLSIS as the department has a good reputation and the staff carry out interesting research. I’m the POLSOC Social Secretary so it’s my job to organise socials for our members. I’m new on the committee but I’m looking forward to organising events for Freshers Week 2012.

I really enjoy being a part of a fun and lively team who all have a passion for politics. By being involved in the committee I hope to develop my organisational and management skills.



Politics Society Secretary
Kebiana Doci, International Relations, 1st year

Kebiana DociI chose to study with POLSIS at Birmingham because I liked the course content and liked the idea of living close to home. I am the secretary on the POLSOC committee; I most enjoy putting on different events and meeting lots of other students who are doing similar courses.

I have developed lots of administrative skills as part of the committee and being part of it will hopefully show future employers that I am an 'all round student' who can manage both study, work and extra activities such as involvement with the committee.