Victoria Walmesley, Day in the Life as a First Year

Victoria Walmesley (1st Year BA Sociology) shares her experiences, starting an undergraduate degree in POLSIS at the University of Birmingham.

Surviving Your First Day:

Victoria Walmesley"The night before my first day as a POLSIS student I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d never studied Sociology before and was nervous that everyone in my year would be ahead of me. I’d been experiencing how crazy freshers was all week yet it felt strange to be coming into an environment I was so unfamiliar with.

To begin with I didn’t even know where the building was that I was supposed to be going to. Luckily I’d made friends with a girl on my course at one of the freshers events and together we found where Muirhead Tower was located.

We waited nervously around all the other students on our course. I’d been advised by friends to just approach people in freshers week and start up a conversation and so I took the advice and started talking to a group of girls. I didn’t think it would be as easy as it was and I ended up spending the rest of the day with the same group.

When the Head of Department came down to greet us it made me feel a little more confident knowing that I’d met some friendly people on my course.

The Head of Department then took us upstairs for introductions whilst outlining what to expect on the course. Our sense of uncertainty dissipated as the structure of the course and departmental organisational issues were laid out for us.

We were informed that Sociology had moved into the POLSIS department and were given a folder with further information on the course and our timetable. We were then told that we would be able to choose modules outside our main discipline at the MOMD fair the following day.

Overall I found the day very interesting, and it was a great way to be introduced to a subject that I have really enjoyed over the course of this year. The best advice for future students is, first of all, remember that everyone feels nervous so don’t worry; secondly, you will make good friends; and finally, look forward to studying a really engaging and thought provoking subject."