Evgeniya Chalakova

International Relations with German (4th year).

As part of the study abroad scheme I spent the third year of my degree studying in Berlin, Germany at the Free University of Berlin.

Freie University

I chose to study abroad in my third year as it was a great opportunity to significantly improve my language skills, experience a different culture and become more adaptable both academically and practically. 

My favourite moment from my year abroad was making friends at Sunday brunch. In Berlin going for brunch is an institution, like going to church on Sunday. Most places are very friendly and you get to chat to different people from both Germany and abroad. It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends too. Plus, eating in out in Berlin is so cheap, it would have been wrong not to take advantage!

I think that my year abroad will definitely improve my future career prospects; becoming fluent in German is a definite plus given the size of their economy. Learning how to manage things such as foreign bureaucracy or a bank account abroad also helps you to build more confidence and adaptability.

In terms of advice that I would give anyone considering studying abroad, I would have to say: Learn the basics of the foreign language, it sure helps with settling down, signing contacts, etc. Try and find accommodation as early as possible, don't leave it for the last minute and be aware of scams. Apart from that, enjoy every day of it! 

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